Storytelling – children’s parties

Martha and her friends had such a lovely time listening to all the fairy tales. We all loved joining in with the songs, it felt so special. The musical instruments were a great idea – inspirational for the girls. Thank you.”  Sally Moorwood (6th birthday party event)

Dear Parents,

Booking a storytelling session for you child’s birthday party will be a lovely way to bring some magic and creativity to your event and is the perfect treat for a young story lover.

The sessions are very interactive, I get the children to join in and do actions, sing or be part of the story where I can and bring blankets for children to sit on and make a story corner with props and instruments. Afterwards, I will lead a craft activity linked to the storytelling!

I charge £5 per child for parties, (minimum 12 children maximum 25) this includes insurance, DBS, props, travel up to 10 miles, preparation and set up.

Here are some sessions I offer:

GIANTS! Hair-raising tales of bone crunching, dim-witted limbering giants and the brave girls and boys that stood up to them. Followed by some big giant model making.

Magical beasts and mythical creatures. Some weird and wonderful tales of strange and sometimes dangerous mythical creatures. Followed by some multi material collage making.

Animal Antics. Cunning foxes, magical birds and cruel crocodiles in these funny stories from around the world. Animal mask making to follow.

Folk and fairy tales. Princesses, frogs and wicked witches will enchant us all to a land far, far away. But we’ll be back in time for cake and wand making.

Monkey See, Monkey do. 2+ Favourite children’s folk tales from around the world such as Monkey see, Monkey do, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and The Gingerbread Man. These stories are short, interactive and include lots of repetition and singing. Followed by hat decoration.

If you are interested in a storytelling visit please visit my Facebook page for more information or get in touch by emailing or phoning 07554796622,

See you soon!